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Reduced shipping rates!

16 August, 2015


To make Tattoo Art even more accessible to everyone, we created the possibility to choose between different shipping options.
When ordering a product from our webshop, you now can choose between economy or registered post.

Registered post will include an order tracking information. If you opted to receive your shipment by economy post, track and trace is not available. Therefore economy shipping is a cheaper solution. It is totally up to you whether you like to follow your package!

Make Tattoo Art accessible for everyone

H x L x W

Besides the option to track your order or use economy shipping, our check-out system does now recognize different items. It will automatically choose the cheapest solution for your order, mailbox or regular parcel package. This can and will save you some money.

Make Tattoo Art accessible for everyone


Although the shipping costs are now more efficient, we at Kintaro Publishing still take great care of your products while packing and preparing for shipping. So no need to worry, your items will be protected the best way possible in all cases as always.

Make Tattoo Art accessible for everyone


Prints with a maximum size of 38 x 26.5 cm have the option to ship as mailbox package as well. Use the dropdown menu in order to select you desired size.

Make Tattoo Art accessible for everyone

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Kintaro Publishing is an independent publisher specializing in artworks and books. Instead of randomly offering works of art, we follow our own criteria, belief and vision. We strive to bring pleasure to our customers by providing cutting-edge artworks and books. Focussing mainly on counter/urban culture, alternative lifestyles and inspiring (body)art, we aim at introducing new forms of expression, as well as to raise the interest of the public for an exciting and innovating culture.
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