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Celebrating the Life and Work of Kazuo Oguri | Yushi ‘Horikichi’ Takei

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In HORIHIDE we celebrate the life and work of one of Japan’s most famous tattoo artists, Kazuo Oguri, the pioneer who introduced traditional Japanese tattoo iconography and techniques to the West. Since Oguri’s visit to Sailor Jerry in Hawaii in the early 1960s, Western tattooing has never been the same and Japanese body suit tattoos are now appreciated throughout the world as a pinnacle of the art of tattooing.
To celebrate his lengthy career we present 72 designs from his extensive oeuvre, which reflect his love of themes from traditional Japanese woodblock prints (ukiyo-e), in particular Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s series of ‘heroes and warriors’ prints. For this special occasion Horihide shared recollections from his life with the young Japanese tattoo artist Yushi ‘Horikichi’ Takei in a surprisingly frank interview in which he describes his youth, his difficult but rewarding apprenticeship and his love for his master as well as some delightful anecdotes relating to his work.
Horihide’s enduring contribution to the art of tattooing is acknowledged in testimonials by Doc Forest, Bill Loika and Henk ‘Hanky Panky’ Schiffmacher, fellow tattoo heroes and steadfast Horihide fans.
This book is a treasure for true Horihide fans and anyone interested in Japanese art and tattooing in general.

Title: Horihide. Celebrating the Life and Work of Kazuo Oguri
Binding: Hardcover 
Language: English/Japanese
Page-total: 128
Size: 250 x 325 mm

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