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108 skulls by Yoni Zilber and Jondix.

108 skulls by Yoni Zilber and Jondix.

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108 skulls by Yoni Zilber and Jondix. 108 skulls by Yoni Zilber and Jondix.


Product Description

A Journey Into The Unknown: Existence by Yoni Zilber and Jondix 

A compact coffee-table spectacular, full of skull reference, Existence showcases the fantastical imaginings of both artists. Journeying into creative concepts around life, death, and the myths that surround it.    

About the artists 

Both Yoni Zilber and Jondix are celebrated tattoo artists with an appreciation of existential art forms. 

Combining Yoni’s passion of the complex compositions of Tibetan art, and Jondix’s graphic fusion of death and spiritual enlightenment, the book opens a door onto their collective visualisations.  

Existence: A heavy tome 

Produced to beautifully exhibit their work to the highest quality, the A5 hardback digest presents prints on thick, uncoated 150gr. Munken Pure paper. 

Each of the 224 pages reveals a new reverie into the ideologies around existence. Housed in a design-worthy slipcase, this is an essential book for any art fan. 

Title: Existence
Binding: Hardcover + slipcase
Language: English
Paper-type: 150 gr. Munken Pure
Page-total: 224
Size: 148 x 215 mm
ISBN: 978-94-92933-03-4

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