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At Kintaro Publishing we offer originals from the artist itself but also very high quality reproductions.

When we start a new collaboration we work side by side with the artist in order to make sure that he/she is completely satisfied with the color reproduction and overall quality.

In order to achieve this we have the whole production process into our own hands, so we can check and control every single print from start to finish.

To manage high quality fine art digital prints, we use the industry-standard Epson printers. These modern technology printers are capable of producing incredibly detailed prints for art galleries, museums, and photography exhibitions.

Giclée printing is a term used to refer to high quality fine art, archival grade, digital prints, made on inkjet printers, typically using 8-color to 12-color printers. This method of printing results in what are arguably the sharpest, highest-fidelity prints available today.

Prints made using this technique provide far greater color accuracy than standard digital prints or any other means of reproduction, and are always produced on heavy weight paper or canvas to make sure that the print doesn’t develop a brown tinge over time.

Not only the print technique is an important part in this process, but also to enhance the synergy of the whole piece, we use high quality paper together with UltraChrome HDR inks, achieving superb color expression.

This because, it is a piece of art that needs to transfer the idea that the artist itself wanted to evoke.

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What we do
Kintaro Publishing is an independent publisher specializing in artworks and books. Instead of randomly offering works of art, we follow our own criteria, belief and vision. We strive to bring pleasure to our customers by providing cutting-edge artworks and books. Focussing mainly on counter/urban culture, alternative lifestyles and inspiring (body)art, we aim at introducing new forms of expression, as well as to raise the interest of the public for an exciting and innovating culture.
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